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What We Do At Panda Studios

Panda Studios offers dance classes to children ages 3 - teens


Pre-school Combination 

[Ages 3 - 4  • 1 Hour Class] 

Our combination class consists of three elements: Ballet, Tap and Tumbling.

Ballet: Students will learn ballet positions along with basic ballet moves.

Tap: Students will learn basic tap steps along with learning how to coordinate their arms to move with the music and their feet.

Tumbling: Students will learn basic tumbling moves such as forward rolls, bridges, straddle rolls, and backwards rolls.


Ballet, Tap and Tumbling

[Ages 5 - 6 • 1.5 Hour Class]

Our Ballet, Tap and Tumbling class takes your child to the next level. 

Ballet: Students will continue with basic ballet techniques, along with turns. 

Tap: Students will start a graded level tap program. Grades 1 and 2 will be completed during the course of the year.

Tumbling: Students will learn basic tumbling tricks such as cartwheels, handstands, back bends. Students in this class will perform a tumbling routine in the recital.


Ballet Tap and Jazz

[Ages 7 - Teens • 1.5 Hour Class]

Ballet: Students will learn more advanced ballet. The focus at this age is the control of their movement.  Turns and leaps are also part of our focus. 

Tap: Students start to learn about rhythm and patterns.  We teach them how to put patterns together using different rhythms.

Jazz: Student learn a different variety of turn and leap combinations. They also learn the latest jazz combinations to upbeat pop music.   


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Absence and Make-Up Class Policy

Students missing a class will be given a make-up class time. [See our receptionist or call the studio for your make-up time.]  NO MISSED CLASSES MAY BE USED AS CREDIT TOWARDS CLASSES IN SUBSEQUENT MONTHS.  Classes should be made up within 30 days of an absence if possible.

Any student missing three (3) or more consecutive classes without notifying us will automatically be dropped from his/her class and will be required to re-register.  Placement in the same class will not be guaranteed and another $20.00 registration fee will be charged.

We always appreciate it if parents call in when their child is absent so that we are aware of any illnesses. 


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Panda Studios Dress Code 

A dress code applies to all students attending class at Panda Studios


GIRLS: Black Leotard and Light Pink Tights                                             [NO FOOTLESS TIGHTS]  


     Pink Ballet Shoes  • Tan Jazz Shoes • Black Tap Shoes

     Black Gym Shoes • White Tumbling Shoes

BOYS: Black Biker shorts or Jazz pants and White T-Shirt


          Black Ballet Shoes  • Black Jazz Shoes • Black Tap Shoes 

    Black Gym Shoes • White Tumbling Shoes 

 No student will be allowed in class without proper dance wear and shoes.   Please label all shoes and dance bags.


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Registration and Tuition

Registration fee: $20.00

Tuition:      1 hour class $17.00 (per class)

                   1 1/2 hour class $24.00 (per class)


All class tuition is paid on a monthly basis   

due on the first lesson of each month.

    We accept cash or check or Zelle payments 

Returned checks will be subject to a $35.00 returned check fee. 


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 Visit our Studio Store

Looking for dance wear . . . look no further!  

Visit our Studio Store for all of your dance needs . . .

Dance Shoes • Leotards and Tights • Dance Bags  

Dance Skirts and Studio T-shirts 


Please Note:   Tap and jazz shoes purchased at our studio may be traded in when purchasing new shoes, provided that they are in good condition.  Credit is given towards the purchase of shoes and will NOT be applied to classes.  We do not accept trade-in of shoes purchased at other locations.  Ballet shoes are NOT included in our trade-in program 



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  • "I used to go there around 2014-2016 i miss and loved it so much it was so fun and i love to dance ."
    Old Student
  • "My daughter has danced at Panda since she was five years old. The dance experience has been amazing for her. Dancing at Panda has taught her not only dance, but team work skills..."
    Katrina Tell
    Appreciative Parent